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    19'RACKMOUNT CHASSIS 4U Item&SPECIFICATIONS :Material:Heavy-duty cold-rolled stated.Finish:Inside-zinc-plated Outside-texture-coated.Color: Beige or Black (Option).Dimension:45(D) x 42.65(W) x 17.7 (H) CMCooling:12 x 12 cm Intake FanSpece:7 or 10 long card Syst... More
  •  CS-106Ri 1U Server Chassis

    CS-106Ri 1U Server Chassis

    Feature: *Supported 3-bay IDE hot-swap RAID level 5 system *One slim FDD & one slim CD-ROM peripheral bays *Best cooling system: Reliable cooling and thermal solution, *Two 97mmx95mmx33mm blowers *Best power solution: Unique 250W or 325W PFC power for ... More
  •  CS-102Rs 1U Server Case

    CS-102Rs 1U Server Case

    Feature: *Supported 4-bay SCA-2 server chassis *One slim FDD & one slim CD-ROM peripheral bay *Best cooling system: Reliable cooling and thermal solution, Two 97mmx95mmx33mm blowers, Max up to three blowers *Best power solution: Unique 300W or 400W PFC ... More
  •  CS-201Ri Server Case

    CS-201Ri Server Case

    Feature: *Support for IDE RAID System (CS-201Ri): Support Six IDE Hot-swap Drive Bays (1" High) IDE RAID level 0,1,5 Supported Support E-IDE with Ultra DMA Mode User Friendly GUI Manager Better Cooling System: Three 80mmx80mmx25mm Fans for RAID and System Be... More
  •  CS-501 Ti/Ri 5U

    CS-501 Ti/Ri 5U

    Feature:*Easy to convert Tower into 5U Rack-Mount type *IDE RAID system support for 6 IDE hot-swap bays *Three 5.25" drive bays; one 3.5" diskette drive bay; one 1"/1.6" hard drive bay *One full size ATX 12"x13" server board for Pentium II/ III, Xeon CPU *Up to... More
  •  RAID SubSystem

    RAID SubSystem

    Performance: High-Performance Intel i80303 64-bit RISC microprocessor 2GB F/C or Ultra160 SCSI architecture provides leading-edge data storage speeds Up to 512MB cache with tuning options to match your data trends Module and Cable-less design enhance syste... More
  •  NAS Solution

    NAS Solution

    SPECIFICATIONS:Scalability Intel PentiumR III processors, up to 512MB SDRAM, up to 6-bay IDE storage devices Drive 2 * 10/100 Base-T Ethernet channels, RAID Level 0, 1, 5, front LCD for system status Network Transport Protocols TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI, and Ap... More