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RP-320 High Speed Receipt Printer
RP-320 High Speed Receipt PrinterRP-320 thermal printer is a high speed thermal printer solution for retail and hospitality environment that require fast and quiet printing. Supporting a full range of fonts for different countries. The RP-320 is a particularly fast thermal receipt printer with a printing rate of up to 200 mm/s at a resolution of 180 dpi. The compact size and integrated wall mounting make this dependable model absolutely ideal for many applications. A wide range of interface and
PT-6900 Touch POS Terminal
  PT-6900 Touch POS Terminal This sleek yet economical POS system is built to work in the typical harsh retail, hospitality and food service environments. It is engineered for easy set-up, quick serviceability and rigorous use that are characteristic of most POS settings. With simple access to connectivity for peripherals and a built-in open architecture to load any software application, the Partner Tech 6900 helps lower your total cost of ownership and increase sales efficie
PT-8800 Touch POS Terminal
  PT-8800 Touch POS Terminal PT-8800 LCD Touch POS Terminal is Partner Tech`s next generation POS system. Its powerful Intel Pentium IV CPU provides the performance and reliability for the on demand environment. The Gigabit networking capability allows more business to be done in the same timeframe - while reducing total cost of ownership. The PT-8800 features secondary screen for multimedia application, and its wide varieties of integrated options, like VF
5E-415 Cash Drawer
  5E-415 Cash Drawer 5E-415 Cash Drawer-410 x 110 x 415 mm -5B/8C tray-Epson Compatible pin assignment Material Metal Tray Type 5B/8C Solenoid Release 24V Pin Assignment Epson Compatible 6P/6C phone jack Weight 6.8 kg Dimention Outside WxLxD = 410 x 110 x 415 mm (16 1/5 x 4 1/3 x 16 1/3 inch)  
CCD Barcode Hand-Held
Reading performance : * Reading code : EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E0/E1, WPCwith Add-on Code 2+5, Code -39, Code-32, Code- 93,Code-128, Code-11, Codabar/NW7, IATA, industrial 2 of 5,interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Post 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey,UK/Plessey, Telepen other for request.* Resolution : 0.1mm ( 4 mils ) * PCS Value : >= 0.3 Optical :* Width of window : 82 mm* Scanning Width : Max. 85 mm ( PCS = 0.9 )* Depth of Field : 20 mm ( PCS = 0.9 )* Light source : λ=660 nm Red LED * Photo sensor :
Laser Scanner
Reading performance Reading code :EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E0/E1, WPC with Add-on Code +2+5, Code -39, Code-32, Code-93, Code-128, Code-11, Codabar/NW7, IATA, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, China Post 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey, UK/Plessey, Telepen.Optical * Resolution : 0.125mm At PCS 0.9 * PCS Value :0.45* Light source : Class I Laser diode under 1 mw , λ=670 nm * Scan Rate : 100 Scans/second. * Reading Distance : 1 to 42cm (depending on resolution)* Tilt Angle : 45Interface
128 keys programmable keyboard
* All keys are fully programmable and relegendable.* 128 keys, 8 x 16 keyboard matrix.* Cherry key switch.* IBM AT/PS2 compatible with DIN 5 pin or mini DIN PS2?connector.* Add-on magnetic reader or bar code slot reader.* External keyboard port for programming key codes and connecting with another keyboard compatible device.* 6 position lock.* Dimension: 350 mm (L) x 232 mm (W) x 49 mm (H)* Weight: 1.6kgs* FCC, CE, EMC Approved.
QWERTY KB with touch pad
* Compact keyboard with standard PC QWERTY layout.* Spill resistant membrane key switch with tested 10 million presses.* IBM AT/PS2 compatible with DIN 5 pin or mini DIN PS2 connector. Optional RS232 interface.* Plug in magnetic reader with single, dual or three tracks for credit cards, ATM cards and driver license. * Integrated bar code interface.* Integrated touch pad available with either RS232 or PS2 interface.* Dimension: 439 mm (L) x 192 mm (W) x 52 mm (H)* Weight: 2.1kgs* FCC, CE, EMC App
Receipt Printer
* Printing Method : Dot matrix (9 pin serial impart)* Printing Speed : 4 Lines/sec* Dot Density : 400 dots/Line * Printing Direction : Bi-directional (with Logical seeking)* Paper Method : Auto Feed* Paper Type : Roll* Paper Copies : 1 ~ 3 ply max(0.2mm or 0.008" thick)* Paper Width : 76mm* Paper Diameter : 76mm(3")Max(width 76.2mm)* Reliability MCBF : 5 million Lines* Reliability Print head : 300 million characters* Character Set : English, Japanese, Big5, GB, Korea, Greek(320T), Iranian(320T)
CD-5220C VFD CUSTOMER DISPLAY * Display method: Vacuum fluorescent display* Number of characters: 40 characters (20 columns X 2 lines)* Display color: blue green* Brightness: 700 cd/m2* Character type: 96 alphanumeric 13 international character sets including US, French, Germany, Spanish, etc. One set downloadable set-up parameters, and character fonts (option)* Character font: 5 x 7 dot matrix* Character size: 9.0mm x 5.25mm* Character pitch: 8.3mm* Interface: Serial/parallel and pass through*
CD-8240 LCD GRAPHIC DISPLAY * Display method: Liquid crystal display 240 x 64 dots* Number of characters: 45 characters (15 columns X 3 lines)* Display color: STN black and white type* Brightness: CCFL 580 cd/m2* Character type: Optional Chinese (GB or BIG5), Korean or Japanese (with Kanji)fonts* Character font: 16 x 16 dot matrix* Character size: 8.2mm x 8.3mm* Interface: Serial/parallel and pass through* Power supply voltage: 12VDC +/- 5% * Power consumption: 4W* MTBF: 10, 000 hours* View angl
PT-6200 10.4" LCD Touchscreen ECR POS System
  PT-6200 All in one Touch TerminalDo small businesses need POS? The answer is PT-6200!Partner Tech is pleased announced the new revolution fanless All-in-One POS terminal PT-6200, PT-6200 is the solution for small and medium business, its an affordable yet easy to use integrated terminal, which can help small and medium business to serve customer effectively, and keep pace with competitors. The compact base embedded with 80mm thermal printer, touch screen and inte
PT-5700 15" Touch POS
The 5700 delivers the answer to today demanding questions: Fanless, Power, Speed, Reliability and Low Total Cost of Ownership. The eye pleasing physical appearance of the PT-5700 can be configured with a variety of industry standard peripherals offered by Partner Tech to meet the demands of food-service, specialty retail, and virtually any hospitality environment. CPU VIA Eden (V4 Bus) 1GHz CPU @ 400MHz FSB Memory 512MB DDR2 SO-DIMM memory up to 1GB, 1 slot Display
5E465 Cash Drawer
Outside(mm): H110 x W410 x D465     (inch): H4 1/3 x W16 1/5 x D18.33Approx Wt.: 7.4.kgMaterial: MetalTray Type:5B/8CSolenoid Release: 24VPin Assignment: Epson Compatible 6P/6C phone jack
Bar Cord Reader
BR-4000 Features:Compact Size* Two color LED (READ/GREEN) indicators and buzzer* Reads high, medium, and those produced by dot matrix printer* Visual and audible feedback on a successful reading* The reader can be modified according to your own design specification* Customized connection adapter available Specification:Barcode reading capability:* Code 39/Code 39 Full ASCII* Codebar / Interleaved 2 of 5 / Code 11* Code 128 / UPC-A / UPC-E / EAN-11 / EAN-8* Reading card speed: 3-30 IPS (Inch Per

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