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BiPAC 7300V(G)P
BiPAC 7300V(G)P   VoIP/802.11g ADSL2+ Firewall Routerwith PSTN Fixed-line support Easily make calls over Internet! Sitiless's BiPAC 7300V(G)P series router is a true all-in-one VoIP router with powerful features designed for home and SOHO users. With the BiPAC 7300V(G)P you can enjoy affordable VoIP calls and mobile, high-speed, secure Internet access at the same time. The router supports Easy Sign-On (EZSO) technology, enabling users to establish ADSL connections via standar
VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ Firewall Routerwith PSTN Fixed-line support Truly Cost-Saving with Sitiless's BiPAC 7404V(G)P series of router! This series of VoIP (802.11g) ADSL2+ Firewall Router packages powerful functionalities into one-single-box to provide home and SOHO users to enjoy economical VoIP calls while having the mobility and high-speed and safe Internet access. The world-leading Gateway feature “Least Cost Routing” enables users to choose the most economical rate o
BiPAC 7404VGO     VoIP/802.11g ADSL2+ VPN Firewall Routerwith PSTN Fixed-line support   Want to make the most economical and secure VoIP calls over VPN tunnels? Sitiless’s BiPAC 7404VGO is your first choice! BiPAC 7404VGO is a one-single-box of router device combining with wide range of superb features to provide SOHO and office users to make VoIP calls while enjoying the mobility and high-level security of data communications. The router embedded with IPSec
LP600NSIP IP Phone for IP-PBX Application
LP600NSIP IP Phone for IP-PBX Application Support 2 Simultaneous Calls at one IP-PBX Server account Rich Telephony Features Plug and Play to work with SIPPBX 6200x IP-PBX Server HTTP Provision provide auto configuration Intelligent Phone book Name dialing Support Multi-Party Voice Conference Color : Blue, Black and Grey Introduction LP600N is a SIP IP Phone which work as extension of SIPPBX 6200x series ( An IP-PBX server, for instance,
IP Phone LP-399
IP Phone LP-399         RoHS Comply Key Benefits Build-in 3 way conference function Build-in NAT function Support STUN function Adjustable Ring Tone   Introduction IP Phone LP-399 is a full-featured IP desktop telephone set. For ease-of-use functionality and ergonomic design, home user or enterprise can integrate this stat
IP Phone IP380
iP380 IP PhoneBLF icons and Message Light indication IP Phone 8 BLF icons (Busy extensions Indication) on LCD Select and display FXO Line status via 8 BLF as Key Phone Set (KTS) Message light indication (Ring, DND, No Answer call, voice mail) LCD: 2 x 20 digits with 8 icons BLF display Remote DTMF or Ring control Relay contacts to Open/Close IPV6 and IPv4 Dual Stack simultaneously 3 Lines Register to three SIP Servers Auto Provision Wall-mount installat

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