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Semac-S3-V1 (Wiegand) Lift Controller
SEMAC-S3-V1 is an RFID verfication, wiegand connection based, lift control and floor security control system that is applied to lift/elevator/floor control in a building. When SEMAC-S3-V1 connects with 1~8 of BF-333 device(s) it could expand the management floor range up to 128-storey per system. Thru SEMAC-S3 proprietary WEB Server management, system operator could be easily manage the equipments.SEMAC-S3 now can be optioned with single board panel with proprietary power box or with metal m
Semac-S3-V2 (RS485 Version) Lift and floor security controller
      SEMAC-S3-V2 (RS485 Version) Features:  RS485 connection over controller and reader 128-Storey floor control per SEMAC-S3-V2 system 7-Storey hall call per SEMAC-S3-V2 system 20,000~50,000 cardholdes capacity per system 10 layers bypass time zone for doors/users access authority Web based controllable  Software (Somac 2.2 : Lift control module) SEMAC-S3-V2 (RS485 Version) Specification Software Applicati
Semac S1 Single door two ways access control panel
SEMAC-S1, is a single door two ways, panel design access controller which required to be assembly in an optional power box or enclosure. The most recommended system management method is to over the embedded web server that could easily to be configured. Specification SEMAC-S1 Features Panel design access controller for installation flexibility  RFID/Password verification mode supportOptional power supply and power adaptorOptional power box and enclosureSingle door two ways or
SEMAC-S2 Multidoor Access Control Panel
SEMAC-S2 is a single door and can manage upto 8 doors access control panel. Each SEMAC-S2 access control panel is recommended to come with a power box or an enclosure to suit for different system constructions and it's connection ability is also superior which offered Wiegands, Dry Contacts, Relays, RS-485 and RJ-45 to connect to different devices.  Specification SEMAC-S2 FeaturesPanel size design access control panel for installation flexibilityMulti-door acces
SEMAC-D1/D2/D4 1/2/4-Door Access Control Card
Specification   SEMAC-D1/D2/D4 1/2/4-Door Access Control CardSEMAC-D Series will be support to 1/2/4 doors with web based access control cards. Along with the fine desinged power box, system installers will be easier to measure the wiring length each site/door, hiding the controller at the management room no exposure at hall or offices. Using web server to manage User account/System configuration is a trend that will be easier for every system operators SEMAC-D Series Key Featur

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