• RAID SubSystem


    High-Performance Intel i80303 64-bit RISC microprocessor

    2GB F/C or Ultra160 SCSI architecture provides leading-edge data storage speeds

    Up to 512MB cache with tuning options to match your data trends

    Module and Cable-less design enhance system reliability and stability.

    Redundant, hot-swappable cooling fans ensure system reliability

    N+1 Redundant, hot-swappable, load-sharing power supplies reduce power spikes and surges

    Supports multiple, global hot spares for complete data protection

    Backplane designed for increased reliability and hot-swappability

    Intelligent dynamically cooling system for high RPM drives

    Proprietary chassis design for enclosure management & status report of all components


    Host independent controller-based LUN mapping for multiple server environments

    Supports multiple ID, multiple LUN & multiple RAID

    Supports a wide variety of IDE disk drive capacities

    Scale to terabyte solutions simply on a single RAID controller

    Dynamic on-line RAID expansion for instant storage growth without any system downtime