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BF-660C-S Stand-Alone Fingerprint I.D. System


BF-660-S Fingerprint I.D. System

Fingerprint (Stand Alone & Networking System)
BF-660C-S is a complete biometrics based identification that can function in the standalone mode without the need of a host PC or can easily integrate to a PC with the use of one of its RJ45 or RS232/485 ports.When in the standalone mode, BF-660C-S functions just like a single door access control system. The unit includes relays for lock control and auxiliary devices along with a request to exit input and door alarm input..
BF-660C-S is physically stronger than other optic-based fingerprint recognition system in terms of shock-resistance, scratch-resistance, environment-resistance and etc.

Site Security and Access Control , Time and Attendance

Double Badge Control.
Dual Door Interlocking.
Master / Slave Function.
4 DIO for System Integration.
Audible Indicators, Big Size LCD.
On-line Viewing Door Status via Web Browser.
Optical-based Technology, Low Power Consumption.
Multi-door Control Up to 8 Doors (16 External Readers).
2 relay output, one for doorlock, the other for ringing bell.
Elevator Control Up to 9 Lifts, 128 Floors / Lift (Need BF-333).
Audible Indicators, LCD On-screen Menus, Simple Enrollment Process.
Build in http Server, Can Use Web Browser to Make System Management.
Selectable Time Zone for Fp + Pin / Card + Pin / Lock Release / Exit Button).
Anti Pass Back ( No Tolerance / Period Timer ), Offline with Un-limited Level,
  No Need Online Software Support.
Support 100 Holidays, Internet Time Server, 40 Sets Function Key Setting, 128 Departments,
  128 Designations, 255 Time Sets, 255 Time Zones, 200 Groups.

Verification Mode: 1:1 /1:N.
Verification Time: Less Than 2.0 sec.
Registration Time: Less Than 3.0 sec.
False Rejection Rate (FRR): Less Than 0.01%.
False Acceptance Rate (FAR): Less Than 0.001%.
Verification Method: Fingerprint, Fingerprint + Password, Fingerprint + RFID,
Fingerprint + Password + RFID.
Capacity: 4,795 Persons (9,590 Templates). < Extendable>
Communication Speed: 38400/19200/9600 BPS ; TCP/IP:10/100M.
Communication: RS-232/485, TCP/IP Weigand 26 Bit Input and Output.
Log Data: 65,000 Event
Keypad: 10 Number Key + 6 Function Key.
RFID Function: 125KHz(EM/TM), 13.56MHz(Mifare)
Dimensions: 170 x 143 x 48 mm.
Display: 128 X 64 Dots LCD, 2 LED.
Power: DC 9 ~ 30V 1A.
How to Order

S: SFM3030-OC-4M Fingerprint Module
SV: SFM3030-OC-4M Fingerprint Module + Voice Function
  with SFM3030-OC-4M Fingerprint Module & proximity card function

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