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  • Smart Power Saving
    The BiPAC ES05/08 series with integrated Smart Power Saving technology helps your network save power by up to 60%, thus saving money by reducing energy consumption. It automatically detects the link status of each connected device and reduces power usage of ports that are idle accordingly. Additionally, this technology is able to analyze the length of any Ethernet cable in order to adjust the power usage accordingly.

    Network Expansion
    The BiPAC ES05/08 series is designed for you to expand your wired home network and share the Internet with your family. With Billion’s Desktop Green Ethernet switch series, your family can browse the websites, check e-mail and play on-line games by using computers from their own room. There will be no more need to sit in a single room to surf the Internet. In addition to the computers, you can also connect other network-based devices such as game console, printer server, network camera or Network Attached Storage (NAS) for applications like on-line gaming, video and data sharing to increase the functionality of your network.

    Enhancing network performance
    With its non-blocking architecture, the BiPAC ES05/08 Green Ethernet switch series receives and forwards the traffic seamlessly. Duplex mode also doubles the bandwidth by enabling two-ways communication. Every port simultaneously supports up to 200Mbps of bandwidth, totaling up to 1Gbps (BiAPC ES05) / 1.6Gbps (BiPAC ES08) of switching capacity. Unlike other shared 10/100 Mbps networks, the switch eliminates the bandwidth congestion problem by providing dedicated bandwidth. Additionally, its store-and-forward switching mode at full wire-speed for maximum performance ensures reliable and error-free transmission of data, therefore efficiently saving the users’ time to enjoy multimedia applications with improved network performance.

    Easy Installation
    Plug & play and all kinds of network protocols compilation make the installation of the device easy and fast. With auto-MDI/MDI-X support, there is no need for any crossover cables when you connect the device to a computer or even another switch. In addition, N-way auto-negotiation function auto-senses and adjusts the connected devices whether they are running at 10Mbps or 100Mbps. With Easy-to-tell LED indicators, you can monitor the working status of the switch and activities of every port at a glance.


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