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  • BiPAC GS08
    8-port Gigabit Green Ethernet Switch

    Expanding to a Gigabit network
    The BiPAC GS08 featuring 8 ports 10/100/1000Mbps is designed to expand your Gigabit network. It is fully compliant with all kinds of network protocols. Simply plug and play - you can connect the device with up to 8 computers or network-based devices like PS3, Xbox 360 and Network Attached Storage (NAS) for applications such as gaming, video, music and data sharing.

    Enhancing network performance
    The BiPAC GS08 is on non-blocking architecture that supports every switch port at full-duplex capability, enabling all its 8 ports to boost bandwidth up to a total 16Gbps backbone link to switched workgroup or a server fat-pipe link. It eliminates users concern of bandwidth congestion. Its store-and-forward switching mode at full wire-speed for maximum performance ensures low-latency and error-free transmission, thus efficiently saving users’ time to enjoy multimedia applications with better network performance.

    Smart Power Saving
    The BiPAC GS08 with integrated Smart Power Saving technology helps your network save power by up to 60%, thus efficient for energy consumption and money saving. It automatically powers down ports when detecting no connection and plans different power output for different cable lengths. The stylish mini-sized switch and its power adapter require little space on your desktop, leaving more room for other equipment.

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