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  • WMIA-207GN

    Wireless 802.11n draft Mini PCI Module(Atheros AR5008-3NG AR5416+AR2133)



    802.11n draft
    Chipset: Atheros AR5008-3NG AR5416
    MIMO Technology
    Mini PCI Type III A
    Windows 2000/XP
    Backward Compatible with 802.11b/g

    AR5008 chipset is compliant to the draft 802.11n specification, to deliver the ultimate wireless triple play experience for video, voice and data transmission for the home or office application.

    Video: With real world throughput levels up to 300 Mbps PHY rate, new wireless routers and gateways featuring Atheros XSPAN technology will readily accommodate multiple high-definition (HD) streams on a single home network.
    Voice: Single-antenna wireless voice handsets and legacy devices networked to Atheros-based access points achieve range and robustness from Atheros’ triple transmitter architecture.
    Data: The array of data applications ranging from simple network computing to transmission of large data, music or image files is enhanced through the high bandwidth provided by XSPAN products.








    WMIA-207GN Data sheet

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